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iconDo, IncThrough the advice and constant coaxing of many colleagues, I've been told this is just what I must do in this day and age...blogging. Because my gift is drawing and creating, not writing, I figure I should write about something I know. So here in the beginning, my vision is for my blogs to share my knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, in my opinion. First, with my passion logo creation(s), and secondly with advertising in general.

I will also share the latest complete projects. Already in the planning stages, I will blog us through a character development project to show the iconDo process. I will also share my opinions on local and national advertising campaigns. Lastly, I will give advice. Unlike most businesses, there isn’t a lot of black and white in advertising. There are many campaigns that ultimately end up working that never should have. Some advertising is remembered or popular for how bad it is, but yet still remembered. Sometimes a spot will be very popular, but “what was it they were selling?” If you don’t know... then it didn’t work! Your message needs to be retained quickly on the spots (TV or radio), ads, cards, flyers, or any piece you are producing. Eight seconds is a great rule of thumb. If it hasn't caught your interest in eight seconds, chances are, it never will! First, you need to get across what your product is, and how to find it/ you (your phone and/ or website). Then it needs to be made a brand. You need to build that “consistency” in ALL of your advertising.

One of the most common mistakes made with advertising is letting the newspaper, the magazine, the sign company, the yellow pages, and so on include "free creative services” for you. Although I know and understand they are just trying to make a sale and sweeten the deal (there's nothing wrong with that). The problem is, you then have many creative people making independent decisions about what is best to sell your business or product(s). That is just wasted dollars. There is no common brand built this way, the misconception is that you are saving money. Your advertising dollars are then a mishmash of thoughts all over the place and missed opportunity.

Each of these creative people mean well, and are doing the best they can. It’s just best for all your advertising to be directed toward the same master plan. If you gave the same project to 20 different artists, you will not get the same idea twice. So if you have each form of advertising you do working independently of one another that is exactly what you are getting, an advertising mishmash. Not to mention the time wasted working with each sales representative and their creative person.

Be sure the first advertisement your perspective client sees (be it vehicle signs, website, ad, stationery or logo) doesn’t say that you cut corners and don’t care, but that you are clear, clean and precise...smart! That you are a professional at whatever it is that you do.

iconDo, IncMuch like writing yourself a note to complete a task or to go to the grocery store, your clients need to be reminded of what you do and that you are still there. We all know of McDonald’s and what they sell. Why do you think they continue to advertise? Because it works! Why don't they use the "free creative"? Because the theory of consistent messaging works!
Your demographic needs to be determined and your advertising geared to that target. With a common message “a brand” built with the same look, feel, colors, images and message should then be applied across the board. Whether your budget allows for a large agency or you use an independent designer, it is important to spend your money wisely.

Developing your brand up-front can add up to big returns if this process is well thought out. Then that same idea is adjusted to fit each advertising outlet with consistency. Again, building a brand! That is why major brand name companies use these ideas. Consumers make the proper connections and a company or product makes a reputation for itself. You can tell a Target commercial long before they flash their logo at the end. It just has that look and feel! This is their advertising dollars working smartest for them! Apply that same philosophy to your next advertising campaign.

Spend your advertising dollars wisely!



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